Window Shutter Installation in Tempe, AZ

One of the best ways to get in front of UV exposure is to put a stop to intense, direct sunlight. Nothing accomplishes this better than solar screens and shutters for windows. Solar Tec Inc. has installed screen and shutter products for home and business owners throughout Tempe, AZ and across the Valley of the Sun, to help them decrease harsh exposure.

For homes with strong east exposure, a window shutter installation can completely block out harsh sunlight in the early morning and when the sun is at its highest point. Screens, on the other hand, provide light mitigation, so you can still enjoy a controlled level of exposure. Whatever the best approach is for your home, we’ll provide products that get the job done.

Benefits of Shutters

Shutters are a beautiful addition to your home and the most effective way to block out unwanted UV exposure. We offer wood shutters of the highest caliber, which can be painted and stained to match the façade of your home. These additions look natural and can be opened and closed as-needed to prohibit or allow light exposure in areas like kitchens, dining rooms, living areas and more.


Sun Screen Roller Blind

Benefits of Sun Screens

Our solar window screens are an excellent investment for reducing energy costs, minimizing heat from entering your home and adding beauty and value to your home’s exterior. As an exclusive distributor of PhiferSunTex, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality products, designed to perform against the Arizona sun.

  • Available in either 80% or 90% heat blockage
  • Resistant to pet damage, mildew and fading
  • Available in five different colors
  • Easily removable for cleaning or in the cooler weather
  • High-quality framing material

Plus, we offer SRP rebates for all sunscreens we sell and install. You could save 80 cents per square foot, while getting even more benefits once your installation is complete!

Discover Sun-Blocking Solutions

Ready to protect your home against excessive UV exposure? Contact Solar Tec Inc. today at 480-775-9680 to learn more about our shutters and screens, and the many benefits they have in protecting your Tempe, AZ home or business.

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